The iphone 8 and 8 plus along with iphone X are the 3 iphones developed by Apple in 2017. No doubt these are the great device of 2017 and competitor of Samsung galaxy S8 and LG G6. Let me come into the point people who bought icloud locked second hand device like iphone 8 8plus X and other older iphones from online store like ebay may be stuck on icloud activation lock screen. For those there is a software called doulci activator which helps to remove icloud activation lock screen from their idevices.

doulci activator

Doulci activator is a software developed by team Doulci which is free to download and can bypass icloud activation lock screen from any iphones and ipads and on any ios. The software is updated every time with the release of new ios . You can download the patched version of doulci activator from link below

Patched doulci activator 

This software is user friendly and if followed instruction correctly you can remove activation screen within 5 minutes .


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