Apple designs one of the best camera, both hardware and user friendly software wise , for it’s iphones. But due to not providing manual mode you are left to trust auto mode provided by default. Now to overcome this issue you can download and install third party camera apps from appstore which helps you to enable manual mode and hence you can adjust exposure, shutter speed, white balance, Focus peeking, ios etc. Beside this you can also use the third party apps like filmic pro to take cinematic video from your iphones.

Apple provides one of the best camera sensor for it’s iphones. Reset iphones like iphones x, 8 plus and 7 plus has dual camera to for portrait and for 2X optical zoom. These latest iphones are provided with optical image stabilization sensor. This means you can take sharp pictures and night and less to minimum jerking video when moving. Comparision to android devices iphones are always known for it’s best photography.

Let me provide some of the camera apps which you can download and install from appstore which will truly enhance your iPhone photography. I’m not going to provide description of the apps rather they are just listed depending on their rating.


2 Manual

3 Procamera

4 Camera+

5 Cortex Cam

6 Purecam

The above is for still photos. For cinematic video there is no alternative for filmic pro


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